PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date: Has PM Kisan’s money arrived in your account? Otherwise, do this work

PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date: Known throughout the nation, the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana pays farmers Rs 6,000 a year. The farmers receive financial assistance under this arrangement. The process of connecting the Kisan Credit Card to the plan has begun, and this will soon make it clear where the farmers are using the relief funds. However, there are reports that a large number of farmers are no longer receiving the benefits of this program. These farmers are unable to benefit from the initiative for various reasons. Recognizing the difficulties faced by these farmers, the Agriculture Ministry will launch a special initiative on February 12 to address their issues.

PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date
PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date

15 Installments Deposited:

The scheme’s 12th installment was deposited in October of 2022 last year. In February 2023, the 13th installment was deposited. The 14th installments were placed into farmers’ accounts on July 27. The Center has now deposited the 15th installment in November. This indicates that there is a five-month interval between each installment. Awaiting the PM Kisan Yojana 16th installment Date at this time. The farmers received a total of Rs 6,000 under this scheme, deposited at the rate of Rs 2,000 every payment. Through DBT, the beneficiary’s account was funded with this sum.

PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date- Waiting for the 16th installment:

Under the PM Kisan Yojana, farmers have received 15 installments so far; attention is currently focused on the 16th installment. This installment (the 16th installment of the PM Kisan Yojana) can be placed into farmers’ accounts between February and March, according to media reports. But as of yet, no formal statement has been made.

Well, that's a relief! This campaign is for you, and it will run from February 12 to February 21.

The Agriculture Ministry is conducting a special campaign from February 12 to February 21 with the sole goal of releasing farmers of the issues they are dealing with as a result of the PM Kisan Yojana! Nearly every state government and district administration in the nation will participate in this campaign jointly. It will be connected to over 4 lakh common service centers as well.

PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date
PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Date

How come the installment is stuck then? There are two main causes:

1. E-KYC: Complete e-KYC right away if you haven’t already. The installment can be halted even if the bank account is not connected to Aadhaar.
2. Aadhar-Account Link: Confirm that the Aadhar card and your bank account are linked. If not, the installment will not be received.

Campaign to take place from February 12–21:

1. Visit the service center nearest to you. Your problems will be resolved by the agricultural coworkers who are present.
1. Information about this campaign will also be provided by the district administration.

So don’t delay, take advantage of this special campaign and get your pending installments cleared! Also, make sure to link e-KYC and Aadhaar accounts so that there is no problem of installments stuck in the future.

Check the status of the 16th installment of PM Kisan Yojana! – How To Check PM Kisan Yojana 16th Installment Status 2024?

To find out if your 16th installment payment has come or not, you don't need to search far! Simply take these few actions on your phone:

Open the website: Go to, the official website, first. You will find the “Status” link there. Press the button.

Choose your method: There will be two options: one to check using your phone number and the other using your registration ID. Select the option that resonates with you.

Fill in the details: Depending on the option you choose, enter your registration ID or phone number accurately. Input the security code that appears on the screen as well.

View Status: Click the “Get Data” option. Your 16th installment’s status will now show on the screen. Everything will become evident, whether or not the money has arrived!

See, how simple is that? My farming brothers and sisters won’t have to go to the bank any longer. In a few clicks, you can check your status. What are you waiting for? Find out your status right away and receive the wonderful news!

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